Apparel is a Wearable Business Card: Make it Look Good

When we think promo apparel, what comes to mind?

Thick t-shirts?

Flimsy drawstring bags?

Baggy hoodies?

Well, those don’t have to be what your business saddles itself with. There are so many more options when choosing apparel that present your business in a trendy and thoughtful light. Here are some options to think about:



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The Mackinaw pattern is big right now. This red and black pattern is cozy, applicable to many seasons, and it’s customizable. Flannel is a durable and high-quality fabric that people already love. If your business wants customers/employees to love their apparel, and want to wear it, flannel is a bold and trendy choice.

Heather Fabrics:

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Heather fabrics are a style that we’re seeing more and more of. It offers a visual texture without distracting from a company logo. Not only are Heathers great for t-shirts and hoodies, but businesses have used them for jackets and even notebooks. These designs offer a more fashionable option than your typical solid-color apparel and it will show that your business is thinking about creating apparel people will love to wear.


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It’s no secret that athleisure is sticking around. It’s important to remember what’s fashionable when designing apparel. Athleisure is versatile and it can work in a lot of different styles and for many demographics. It can be elevated to look more professional or it can be more casual in the form of some joggers or cropped pieces. Many suppliers are making co-ed options that can work for men and women, which is smart as fashion is moving in a more neutral direction. So if you want your business’ apparel to stay comfortable, but also cool, athleisure is the way to go.


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Accessories are great for events or to sell in-store to customers who want to rep your business in a practical way. The best way to get people buying your accessories is to give them quality, name brands. Bags are trending right now so consider a nice satchel from a brand like Herschel.

Apparel is like a walking ad for your business. If you can pick a design and a material for the apparel that people will enjoy wearing, it’s a worthwhile investment. You never know how many potential customers could see that apparel and choose your business because of the care they can see in that t-shirt or flannel.

If you want to take your apparel to the next level, reach out to us and we can go over some options for your business!

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