This is What Your Business Cards Need

While social media has become a major component of promoting one’s business, nothing can fully replace the impact of a physical business card. That impact might be even greater now that people aren’t expecting physical copies of anything anymore.

But in a time of constant stimuli and new information passing through our brains nearly every minute of the day, if you want that impact to really last, your business card needs to stand out. 27 million business cards are printed every day, but 90% of them get thrown out, especially if those cards are white. What good is it to print cards if people are going to throw them away and forget about your business?

If you want people to remember your business, it’s time to take your business cards to the next level. The way to do that is to incorporate not only your visual senses but your tactile senses, as well. Touch is the first sense we develop and it stays as the most emotionally-connected of all of our senses.

Try adding texture to your cards through finishes or the paper itself, or add color along the edges. Even making the card weigh a little more than the average business card will make people pause to take an extra look.

If you want your business cards to be more memorable, talk to us at Blue Parachute so we can brainstorm some ideas together!

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