2019 Trend Highlight: One Line, Many Designs

So we’re approaching the halfway point in 2019 (how is the year moving so fast?) and we think it’s time to start reflecting on the design trends we’ve been seeing more and more this year.

Today we’re talking about brands using varying designs on their product packaging within the same line. So if we’re talking chocolate, each flavor within the new line has its own design. Now, why would brands want to create so many different designs and packages? It probably costs more money than just creating one design for all variations and it takes time to concept different designs, come up with different color palettes, and make sure each of the variations is cohesive with the others.

But there is some strategy behind this.

Brands are recognizing that consumers want to have personalized experiences when they shop. They want to feel like their choices reflect their style and fit into their lives. Aesthetics have become increasingly important to consumers in recent years. Consumers no longer want industrial, bland packaging. Having different design variations can add a lot of personality to products so consumers are able to find a variant that fits their personalities. They might even buy all of the variants just to complete a collection. If all of the packaging was the same, that might not have been the case. If you only have one design, why would anyone want to buy multiples? Consumers nowadays are into curating collections, even if that collection is made up of yogurt.

This might take a little extra design work, but the results help brands and products stick out from the competition. What do you think of this design trend? Could it work for your business? If this is something your business needs, reach out and we’d be happy to go over some designs!

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