The Effectiveness of Promotional Products

In an era when we are bombarded with on-screen marketing messages, It’s hardly surprising that more and more companies are turning to branded promotional items to put something tangible and even, dare I say, useful, into the actual hands of members of their target audience. According to a study conducted at Baylor University, promotional products increased response rates by up to 75 percent. Additionally, customers who receive a promotional product are 14 percent more likely to give the business a sale as opposed to those who received nothing.The Effectiveness of Promotional Products - Blue Parachute

A recent survey from Advertisers magazine found that women have an average of 4 logoed coffee mugs in their cabinets and men an average of eight branded baseball caps. Logo tote bags have a user life of about 4 years so they hang around a while and carry your message wherever they go.

If you check your own desk, you will undoubtedly find an assortment of items emblazoned with the logos of various companies. On my own desk are the following items: mug, letter opener, ruler, pens and three different logo calendars. Clearly, companies that invest in promotional items know the power of keeping their names in front of you, right where you are likely to look for it. MUCH more bang for your marketing buck than a fleeting onscreen view.

Utilizing promotional products in addition to other forms of advertising is a far more effective marketing strategy than just using one form of print or online media. For example, your business can purchase flashlight key chains, printed with your company’s logo and contact information, to hand out to potential customers or at networking events. Not only does this assist the individual with their needs but will increase their recognition of your brand, give them a reason to inquire about your business and hopefully make them a long-term client.

When shopping for products to promote your business, it is important to choose something that will be useful to your consumers and relates to your message. For example, doctors’ offices can distribute hand sanitizers, custom stress balls, cold packs. Gym attendees appreciate items to make their workouts more enjoyable and convenient: water bottles, a pocketed armband to hold keys and gym pass, iPod accessories. The more useful the product, the greater the response rate you will receive. It is best to do your research on your target audience and design your marketing plan around that. Then, trust your ideas with Blue Parachute.

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