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In the continuously growing realm of promotional and print products, digital printing has made its mark as an imperative tool for just about every type of business. While our services range from traditional offset and digital printing to grand format banner and display printing, it’s not always clear which printing process makes the most sense. Here are some things to consider when making the choice between digital and traditional offset printing:
Choosing Digital Printing for your Business | Blue Parachute
Direct Mail – Digital printing is the most practical option when it comes to personalized printed promotional pieces. A letter that begins with “Dear Ms. Smith” is much more personal and more effective than generic mailings. Choosing to get these products digitally printed will also maximize the return on your investment.

Small Print Runs – Digital printing is more cost-effective than offset at lower quantities. Depending on the size of the piece, the per unit price for digital versus offset are usually much lower, up to about 1,000 pieces.

Standard vs. Specialty – If your short-run piece can be printed on standard size and weight paper, then digital printing is a more effective route to take. However, if your publications need specialty paper or special ink techniques, offset printing will be necessary, and our services allow this to be achieved.

Grand Format – If you are looking to produce a banner or poster larger than 39”, then Grand Format digital printing is your best choice. We have many different substrates and can print up to 80” wide and as long as the roll of material will allow. We are not limited to paper, either. We have many varieties of plastic, fabric and vinyl on rolls.

Frequent Re-Prints – If your publications will require frequent re-runs of changes, you may wish to avoid ordering mass quantities. Choosing to get these items digitally printed allows for the re-run of the product with updated information at a lower cost to your company.

Quick Turnaround – If your business can supply output-ready PDF files, digital prints can be created without any additional processing or plates. Also, because the publications come off the printer dry, there is no wait time to cut, fold or bind – a very efficient process!

Our fast, friendly and knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you with any questions regarding what type of printing method is appropriate for your business and its needs!

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